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About IGE. 
We Design & Build
Ultimate Brand

IGE is a world-renowned agency that design and builds ultimate brand experiences around the world. We work in partnership with great organizations and people, including Fortune 500 Companies, Museums and Start Ups, Creating exhibits, displays, museums, and interiors.


Since 1996, we’ve produced thousands of trade show exhibits and brand experiences for companies across several sectors and continents. We tell stories for major brands, most of them heroes in their own industries.


As much as success nurtures a growing global company, we never settle for the status quo. Instead, when we open the doors to our employees, we strive to evolve every single day. Our team is our creative capital that shapes the future of exhibits and overall brand experiences globally. At IGE, we believe that through creativity, we have the power to change the way companies exhibit at trade shows in the US and around the world.

+25 Years in the game

  Projects in +30 countries worldwide 

+ 4,000 completed projects


Vision | Mission | Values 

Our company's vision, mission, and values are the cornerstones of our culture. They guide our business strategy, define our goals and serve as a constant reminder to all of IGE's diligence, innovative designs, and creative culture. We take pride in ourselves on operating seamlessly around the world. We sustain our culture by remaining as close as possible to our core values. IGE’s central values : faith, diligence, creativity, and Integrity, address how we interact with clients and approach every project we do. As a result, we are a relationship-driven rather than project-driven organization.


Build a company that works globally by becoming the world's best exhibit design firm.

Design & build ultimate brand experiences.








As one of the world's best exhibit design firms, IGE is a multiple award-winning company that specializes in the design and fabrication of trade show exhibits and corporate events in the U.S. and around the globe. Inter Global Exhibits (IGE) is privately/family owned. We support our clients programs domestically, internationally or both. We have a state of the art design studio, full fabrication facilities, storage, logistics and full show services capabilities. We recognize that designing and building truly exceptional exhibit environments and events takes great people. Whether it’s design, management or engineering, accounting or manufacturing, we believe that every position in every area is highly important to our company's success, and the success of our clients. Besides our expertise working in the US, we also coordinate producing exhibits and events in every major international market including Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. Delivering a global program can be challenging, but we have more than 20 years of experience working on a global platform. From the design of your exhibit that captures the essence of your brand, to ensuring global brand consistency, to installation and dismantle, to storage and managing your program you only have to do one contract.

About our CEO & Founder



Designer & Entrepreneur

Event Design Magazine called Gino Pellegrini, a “Man of the World.” This description speaks to his background, the travel he has accomplished to service clients, and all the award-winning designs he has created with the help of his team.

He has three citizenships; American, Italian, and Chilean. Born and raised in Santiago, he now calls Denver, Colorado home.

After attending several years of engineering and business school, Gino dropped out to pursue entrepreneurship by discovering his passion for design and international business. He started by designing furniture for his family’s business in the early-mid ’90s. Gino flew to the United States to sell his furniture collection to large retailers like Price Club and Costco. A few years later, he became interested in switching design paths and making a career designing exhibits. This new design career allowed him to use creativity to design brand experiences worldwide.

He manages his business with the mission to provide high-end trade show exhibits for major corporations worldwide and always strives to be the best at what he does. Gino and his team at IGE create and build one-of-a-kind exhibits globally. Since opening his company, the industry has continually recognized him for his sophisticated design and ability to bring his client’s brands to life. Gino has been named one of EDPA’s designer of the year for his exceptional designs. He has won best of show awards and accolades by Exhibitor Magazine, Event Design Magazine, BtoB Magazine, MOD awards, and multiple other design awards.

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